Aging is Aging Me

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My husband and I live in an Independent Living/Assisted Living Retirement home. It isn’t by choice…in a way it is because we are here, but I didn’t think at this point in my life this is where I would reside. My husband has memory loss. I could not take care of him at home or take care of our home and yard and when the snow blanketed our world I knew shoveling wasn’t for me.

When someone made us an offer on our home our children encouraged us to take it and move closer to them. We did a lot of research on the best way to proceed. Selling our home of thirty years was hard and money was a worry. We’d have enough for a short time. Options for seniors living situations were and are very expensive.

We’ve been at this residence since May. We started with an apartment in Indendent Living and in the last few months my husband has started assisted living services with help in medication delivery and more. I didn’t realize how tired I was until these services started. They may seem small, but to someone who has been responsible for all these things the last few years even a minor change is huge. We still live in the same apartment which is one of the models available in some assisted livings. One spouse can be independent and one can avail themselves of services. Our two shysters, cats, Boris and Natasha, also live with us.

Over the years we’ve had mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers in different types of care and in different places. I am here to tell you it is a different view when you actually are an able person living with someone that has difficulties in a multi-facted senior living home.

That is the purpose for this blog. I will try to be extremely honest without tearing down. I am learning new facts every day. I am seeing the advantages and pitfalls. This is our journey which may be very different from another individual. I hope to provide information along with sharing feelings during this journey. Most of all I want to let people know I am not an expert, just someone trying to navigate all the things no one told us before we moved in.

Join us on our journey. Share yours with us in a respectful way.

Let the journey begin.

Author: Author Julie Seedorf

As human beings, we are always a work in progress. From birth to death we live, hurt, laugh, cry, feel, and with all of those emotions we grow as people, as family members, and as friends. I'm a dreamer and feel blessed to have the opportunity in my writing to pass those dreams on to others. I believe you are never too old to dream and to turn those dreams into a creative endeavor.” I live in rural Minnesota and am a wife, mother, and grandmother. Throughout my life I have had many careers or should I say opportunities at jobs where I have learned different skills such as working as a waitress, nursing home activities person, office manager, and finally a computer repair person eventually owning her own computer sales and repair business. Add my volunteer activities such as Sunday School Teacher and SADD advisor and more and it's been a full life. I never forgot my love of writing and quit my computer business in 2012 after signing a contract with Cozy Cat Press for Granny Hooks A Crook, the first book in my Fuchsia, Minnesota Series. I currentlyntly have written nine cozy mysteries, three children’s books, participated in three group anthologies or mysteries, and write three blogs about various subjects.

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